Speidishow Frequently Asked Questions

Spencer and Heidi, Speidishow is a game, right? How do I play?

We pretend to tape SpeidiShow during the week and you, the fans, help us invent what’s going on by Tweeting about what you imagine using the #speidishow hashtag. Netprov is improv, like that show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” We make stuff up together as we go along. 

If what you Tweet makes us laugh, we retweet it. 

Then on Thursday nights 11|10c 9|8p we all pretend the watch the show together and Live Tweet it. Actually, we’re usually pretending to be having some adventure and you fans Live Tweet about us. Thursdays are fun!

Where can I see SpeidiShow in Australia?

Just search the Twitter hashtag #speidishow. Since SpeidiShow happens in Twitter, you can see it any time, anywhere in the world. You have a front-row seat! And if you see something missing, you can contribute it as a fan. Just pretend to see it and Tweet about it using the #speidishow hashtag. That’s the beauty of netprov.

Spencer, is carrying the aura baby uncomfortable?

Only psychically. I am eating a ton, though. And reading. I’m hungry all the time.

When will my SpeidiShow T-shirt get here?

That depends on Zazzle. They’re usually pretty quick. Don’t worry. It will look great on you!

Why would you do a fake show?

It’s not fake, it’s imaginary. Big difference. You have to use your imagination. Imagining a show in social media gives us a chance to be creative and do satire of our reality-show world. Fans have imagined us for years, based on what they can see. Now we have a chance to imagine ourselves, to re-imagine ourselves.