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Welcome to my lifestyle blog where I will give you positive Fitspirational messages!  Following the lead of my fellow celebutants, I hope to make this blog a combination of inspirational messages and high-end & locally grown product endorsements.  I’ll also feature travel guides (albums of places I’ve been), microrecipes (tiny versions of actual meals that I’ve sampled), coupons-coupons-coupons, wellness mantras, stock tips, and yoga poses that you’ll find good for both self-defense and other more tantric purposes.

This blog will help you change yourself by changing how you see yourself when you look in the mirror.  The right handbag, the perfect tan, some deep defrizzing can go a long way toward bringing out the inner you.  Sometimes you’ve got to see your reflection to realize you’re not standing tall!  But don’t get stuck on staring at your reflection, at your front side. You’ve got to look through yourself, look behind yourself.  Because once you can see behind yourself, you can get your own back.

And I’ve got your back!  I’m like your mirror (or two — cuz it takes two mirrors to see your back technically speaking). I’m like your bestie-bff who’s not afraid to tell you NOT to go out in those orange lycra pants (wear the pink ones!).  I’m the eyes in the back of your head looking at the mirror behind you, the one that reflects your backside, and holding up a thumbs up so you can see it in the mirror you are looking into on the front side.  Like a true friend who calls it like she sees it.

Like my great aunt always said, “Your eyes are the window of the soul, so wear some mascara.”  This is a blog my great aunt would be proud to read if she didn’t have advanced-stage macular degeneration.  (I love you grauntie! I’ll come read this to you.)



Hello, World!

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Hello, World!

I’m told that the first post that someone writes on a blog should be their Hello, World post. So, Hello, World!  here’s a song that we’re singing. Come on get happy! There’s actually a lot of wisdom in that Partridge Family song, don’t you think? Plus, David Cassidy is so cute in it. Love that feathered hair! So I saw this painting the other day, and thought — YES! It perfectly captures the theme of my blog: seeing your own behind, getting your own back! It’s about looking through all the layers of...

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