#CAKEFAIL S1 Ep3 Recap

This week on SpeidiShow, the dynastic duo agres to cater Ceasar and Eva’s wedding live on the Thursday night show.  Heidi and Spencer will soon realize that the happy couple’s wedding plans are in shambles.

Speidi generously offer their assistance as complete last-minute wedding planners, and the bride and groom are thrilled. The MOB and MOG are both horrified. Finally, something they can agree on!

Heidi and Spencer are extremely detail oriented regarding dresses and tuxes, and insist on PERFECTION. Heidi’s stern lectures to Eva appeal to the bridesmaids. But the bridesmaids turn on the Eva regarding her previous choices, prompting tears and accusations: “you’re all against me!”

Big fan ruckus in Twitter over bow-ties vs. long ties.

Final showdown on table favors. Bride wants blown glass ornaments made by Christopher Radko, customized to look like the bride and groom, filled with birdseed that can be thrown after the wedding. MOB wants Stevia wands customized with bride and groom’s names on them. Budget-conscious FOB is in favor of mass-produced paper packets of birdseed that can double as “rice.”

FOG finds the box of wine samples, and begins sampling. Speidi secretly hold hands while everyone argues.

Maid of honor owns a business that does personalized window clings, so she wants life-sized bride & groom swimsuit window clings as table favors–purchased from her company of course. Heidi nixes all of these ideas, suggesting that they encourage guests to take flowers/cake/other decorations as lovely parting gifts.

Spencer rolls his eyes and moans: “I’m gonna gain 20 pounds from trying all this cake!”

Thanks to all the fans who helped out with recipes in Twitter and tested dishes in their kitchens! Iranian food and Indonesian food go great together! No problem!


Spencer coaches the wedding party on maintaining decorum while swiftly moving people through the receiving line. Cesar and Eva privately hatch a plan to divert traffic to Heidi and Spencer, so they can avoid unknown/unpopular wedding guests.

@sociology_path38 You can never, never un-invite someone from a wedding. Gotta live with your choices, dude!

The celebrity cooking-show baker gets plastered on Grand Marnier while practicing making flaming dessert. Spencer and Heidi must make the cake themselves. They disagree over cake architecture. “How many weddings have you been to?” “How many weddings have YOU been to?” Stress mounts.

A bridesmaid comes into the kitchen crying and is consoled by Heidi. Spencer sends an assistant out for butter and the assistant never returns. Fans helped Spencer and Heidi as the cake they have to build starts to fall. Speidi use toilet paper tubes to finish the cake and slathered it with frosting.

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