Upscale, Downscale S1 Ep2 Recap

First World Luck
This week Speidi are helicoptered far, far into the heart of Europe with only the clothes on their backs, surrounded by nothing but civilization in all directions. Their challenge is to visit three countries. But how will they survive for a week with no money? Spencer’s thoughts: Euros are going away anyway, amiright?

Greek Goddess
They continue their flight and arrive in Athens, hungover but excited. Heidi poses as a Greek goddess near the Acropolis for tips, until they get chased off by a grumpy Greek government worker who still has a job–although he hasn’t been paid in about a year. Heidi gives him a kiss to cheer him up (and get him off their backs so they can keep the money). They get advice from Twitter fans on where they might be able to stay, and end up crashing with a sweet but self-professed anarchist who explains the Greek economic crisis. Early the next morning, Speidi convinces a truck driver to take them to one of the ports and he agrees. However, they have to travel in the back of his truck with a large flock of very vocal sheep.


Upscale Downscale
The truck driver creates a diversion with his sheep so that Speidi can sneak onto a freighter. After a rough ride in the dark hold, Speidi ends up in a village in Albania. They are able to barter and trade with villagers, Euro-style for LA-style. They are also able to receive tweets from Albanian fans, who translate for them and help them to navigate the culture and the food. The village throws a celebration, during which Heidi accidently becomes betrothed to an Albanian man. Luckily, she is able to prove she’s already married to Spencer. As they leave for Italy, we see all variety of villagers dressed in very upscale men’s and women’s clothing, perhaps not worn in exactly the right ways. Speidi are dressed in traditional Albanian garb, perhaps not worn in exactly the right ways. Tearful goodbye.

Back to Posh
The live portion of the show begins with Speidi in a lovely Italian village. They refuse to talk about how they snuck from Albania to Italy, and they look deeply shell-shocked. They ask their fans for Twitter advice about possible places to stay in the village, allowing them to locate a member of the Versace clan, who is kind enough to give them food and shelter in his sumptuous villa. Although they are in the most beautiful surroundings, and are completely taken care of, they begin to talk wistfully about the Albanian village and how much fun they had there.


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