Ghost Celebs Raid Heidi’s Shoe Closet? S1 Ep7 FanRewards

While fans muse about celebrity ghosts playing in this week’s Celebrity Haunted House

  • ‏@BelieveInGleeks: Will the King Of Pop be doing the moon walk? #hauntedhouse #speidishow @spencerpratt @heidimontag
  • @Xopos_Sez: Surprisd Eva Gabor voted out of Celeb Haunted House #speidishow Thot her alliance w @oscarwilde wld last

. . . expectant aura baby daddy Spencer is eager to see the result of the aura baby naming contest, Heidi has another concern: are ghosts pilfering her footwear?


Rumors are flying that dead celebs appearing on the SpeidiShow Celebrity Haunted House have been spooking around in Heidi’s Shoe Closet

Author: SpeidiShow

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