Ghost of Ghost of Gertrude Stein Wins Celeb Haunted House S1 Ep 7 Recap

Will Babe Ruth’s alliance with Phyllis Diller and Chris Farley prove to be a winner?

Or will Orson Welles, Allegra Coleman and lonelygirl15 combine to put one of their team into tonight’s final?

And Wm. Shakespeare is always a threat!


This week on SpeidiShow the death-defying duo are locked into a sp-p-p-pooky surreality show contest. They must spend the whole week in a dusty mansion with spirits drawn from the past of entertainment and the arts. Each day ballots are dropped into the skull and one personality is voted out. Will the Chris Farley – Wm. Shakespeare alliance hold? Who else is in da house? Will sad stories from behind the grave bring tears to Speidi-eyes? You tell us!

Author: SpeidiShow

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