Spencer Rescues Fan (& Bees) from Captivity! S1 Ep6 Recap

This week in a special SpeidiShow Investigation, the biodynamic duo delve into the mystery of the world’s declining bee populati0n. Besides buzzing and stinging, bees appear to be crucial to the existence of many favorite foods, including coffee and chocolate!

In 2012 40% to 50% of commercial bees vanished. Read about it here in the   New York Times

The rusty patched bumblebee population in the U.S. has declined nearly 87% in recent years.   Time Magazine

One rumor Spencer has heard is that perhaps market forces are luring North American bees to the South Pacific with high salaries and plan to employ them to Antarctica once it’s warm enough there to corner the world market in cocoa.

But what do YOU think? Share your theories with Speidi at #speidishow.

Speidi will follow your leads, track the bees and gather the evidence!


Breaking News: It appears a SpeidiShow fan, @xopos_sez may be in a bit of a pickle. A lead from another fan suggested pointing the investigation of Who Stole the Bees? toward “one Wilfried A. “Winnie” the-Pooh.”

  • ‎‏‪@Xopos_Sez‬ Born in the mind of A.A. Milne in 1926, Mr. the-Pooh studied Apiaristics & Norse at Oxford in the early ’40s with JRR Tolkein
  • ‎‏‪@Xopos_Sez‬ Mr. the-Pooh reappears under contract to Disney in 1966, but what of the intervening period? Sources place him in the Ukraine
  • ‎‏‪@Xopos_Sez‬ Documents show Mr. the-Pooh deeply involved in a Soviet Collective Apiculture project aiming at attracting all bees worldwide
  • @Xopos_Sez I am currently camped out outside the gates of Mr. the-Pooh’s Bel-Air manison waiting to see if I can interview him for #speidishow
  • @Xopos_Sez Black escalade has pulled up here in bel-air. scary guys getting out. coming toward my c

Fans ask Spencer what happened to Xopos

  • @spencerpratt @Xopos_Sez was looking into the missing bees, disappeared. IDK RT @SpeidiShowDaily: @spencerpratt Everything okay ? xox -Declan
  • @spencerpratt #SpeidiShow Tweeps are taking this storyline in unusual directions. Join in. http://speidishow.com/?p=185

SpeidiShow Production Assistants Corbin @brutuscorbin and Freddy @whynonowriter are sent out on the trail

  • @BrutusCorbin @WhyNoNoWriter @spencerpratt I spoke with someone at the door, his tiger friend…
  • @WhyNoNoWriter @spencerpratt @heidimontag The donkey looked me straight in the Is & said Oh yeah everyone knows Putin needs bees

Still no word from Xopos. Tell us if you know anything.

Heidi tries to convince Spencer to allow the aura baby to indwell him. After all, he lost last week’s bet! Spencer is still skeptical and fans are split between pestering and hand-holding. They finally convince him to plug into the right aura-parent frequency.

At showtime tonight, Heidi is aboard SpeidiShow financier Colin Tags-Helter’s yacht, the “Cayman Get It” in the Black Sea off the city of Odessa . . . while Spencer is at an undisclosed location deep in Eastern Europe aboard an AATV (Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle) trying to rendezvous with captured fan @Xopos_sez.

In Part One we recap a week’s worth of theories about the bees and who stole them. Heidi hosts from the yacht’s situation room / solarium. Share your theories on #speidishow.

In Part Two we join Spencer live via his helmet-cam to see if he is able to help @Xopos_sez escape! Tell us what you see on #speidishow.

The last time Heidi and Spencer were together before Spencer was airlifted deep into undisclosed Eastern Europe

Heidi prepares to board the yacht. This is the last time Heidi and Spencer were together before Spencer was airlifted deep into undisclosed Eastern Europe

Spencer definitely DOES help @xopos_sez escape. On a jet-ski down the Dnieper River with the bad guys in speedboat pursuit! Xopos brings with him the XBox controller that controls the Robot Queen Bees that draw all the world’s bees to this Holy Mountain Bee Prison deep in Eastern Europe. While Spencer shows off his jet-ski skill evading pursuers, Xopos figures out how to control the bees and stings the bleep out of the bad guys . . . all except one boatful. Spencer uses the AATV in land mode and climbs a hydroelectric dam to make his and Xopos’s final escape.

To taunt the bad guys Xopos makes the bees spell out “WuuuhReally” in the sky as our heroes speed toward @colingtagshelter’s yacht, where Heidi — and freedom — await.

The bees dispersed, like sky-salmon, back to all their original hiving places. Yayyy! Score one for the sustainable guys!

Look at this awesome fan-art image from @Iambe321 of the final moments of the episode:


Just how we imagined it!
Heidi and Spencer

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