You Guys Work Hard! S1 Episode 1 Recap

Gut Check Time
Heidi goes wild with a sledge hammer at the phone-testing bunker (she’s in great shape) but the phone is still working. After Spencer swallows one of the test phones, Tanya amuses herself with the walkie-talkie feature. In a cute scene, Heidi puts her hand on Spencer’s stomach to feel the phone vibrate. They exchange a meaningful look. Is that a tear we see?

Closet Organizer
The second draw places Speidi squarely in Jean and Marie’s  jobs as housekeeper and butler for an ambassador’s family of seven.While folding laundry Heidi displays her hidden talent as an organizer of clothes and accessories and helps the ambassador’s wife pare down her purse collection.

Fish Go Blub
Heidi and Spencer pile into Vince’s van and set out to clean aquariums. At the first house, Heidi calms down the family dogs while Vince trains Spencer on the intricacies of the trade. At the second house Spencer, Heidi and the customer’s 5 year old sing along with the YouTube hit “What Does the Fox Say?” enjoying the line: “Fish go blub.”


Vince’s Surprise
The last customer on Vince’s rounds, a reclusive survivalist, has an underground fish tank the size of a basketball court! Spencer must wear a scuba suit and clean the filter on the life-sized treasure chest. Spencer stays brave as mini-sharks nibble his fingers. Heidi passes along shark advice from Twitter fans.

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