He’s Having My Aura Baby! S1 Ep5 Recap

This week Heidi and Spencer get into even greater shape — and push themselves beside the limit —  by sampling the Fitness-Inspiration training methods of the elite. They try a cutthroat round of Double-Elimination Yoga “You must now leave the ashram!” They each have a miniature electronic personal trainer implanted “That wasn’t a full sit-up! I can tell! I’m inside your head!” And Speidi conditions to twerk for charity.

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Sunday – Tuesday
The big news this week: it turns out the reason Heidi wants the couple to get in shape is to prepare for having an aurababy.

Heidi tries to convince Spencer that he’ll enjoy carrying the aurababy to term, but he balks.

Fans support Spencer’s carrying an aurababy and urge him to use his crystals to generate the necessary energies.

Wednesday – Thursday
Speidi begin taping the epic Cuttroat Yoga battle supervised by Yoga 4 Bad People’s Kyle Miller.

Heidi prepares for the Twerking for Charity event.

Fans tweet their fitspirations and encouragements to the #speidishow hashtag.

Fans quarrel regarding wizardry and magic; some claim to have dreamed of Speidi’s aurababy. Others were skeptical.

Then in a LiveTweeted Extravaganza Full of Twerks and Turns . . . 
Heidi’s been practice twerking with her bevy of back-up twerkers for the big Twerking for Charity event. At the last minute Heidi declines to twerk for fear it will reverse her chakras and disturb the energy for Speidi’s renascent and prescient aura baby. Speidi reach out to Twitter fans to twerk in her place, and the fans help out in words and — gasp — pictures.

The Final Cutthroat Yoga Showdown Becomes a Baby Bet . . . 
Spencer and Heidi are the finalists for the Cutthroat Yoga Competition under the auspices of Kyle Miller of Yoga4BadPeople. Twitterfans try to identify the poses

  • EvaLynn Kanyo ‏@EvalynnKanyo WTF is that yoga pose @spencerpratt is doing? A combo of downward dog and mountain? Mountain dog? Looks painful. #speidishow
  • Sezei Xopos ‏@Xopos_Sez Is Spencer doing “Down, Lapdog!” yoga pose? #speidishow
  • Jennette McD ‏@JennetteUpNorth Downton Dog Abbey? #speidishow

Heidi bets Spencer that if she wins, Spencer must carry the couple’s aura baby to term. TwitterFan and Yoga expert Alexandria @AzMazDaz is the guest judge, and she rules that Heidi wins.

Spencer sulksand Heidi exults. Photogs catch Heidi pointing out the truth to Spencer: “You’re having my aura baby!”


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