Who Stole the Bees? S1 Ep6 Preview

This week in a special SpeidiShow Investigation, the biodynamic duo delve into the mystery of the world’s declining bee populati0n. Besides buzzing and stinging, bees appear to be crucial to the existence of many favorite foods, including coffee and chocolate!

In 2012 40% to 50% of commercial bees vanished. Read about it here in the   New York Times

The rusty patched bumblebee population in the U.S. has declined nearly 87% in recent years.   Time Magazine

One rumor Spencer has heard is that perhaps market forces are luring North American bees to the South Pacific with high salaries and plan to move them to Antarctica once it’s warm enough there to corner the world market in cocoa.

But what do YOU think? Share your theories with Speidi at #speidishow.

Speidi will follow your leads, track the bees and gather the evidence!


Author: SpeidiShow

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