Hello, World!


I’m told that the first post that someone writes on a blog should be their Hello, World post.

So, Hello, World!  here’s a song that we’re singing. Come on get happy! There’s actually a lot of wisdom in that Partridge Family song, don’t you think? Plus, David Cassidy is so cute in it. Love that feathered hair!

So I saw this painting the other day, and thought — YES! It perfectly captures the theme of my blog: seeing your own behind, getting your own back! It’s about looking through all the layers of makeup and product and time and fear and frustration that keep us from seeing who we really are. I sent it on postcards to a bunch of my BFFs.

You know, a little later in that song, there’s a very important part — I’d call it poignant, but I think that means sad more than pertinent. Anyway, it goes:

We had a dream we’d go travelin’ together
And spread a little lovin’ if we’ll keep movin’ on
Somethin’ always happens whenever we’re together

I have a dream of going traveling together with you on my blog.  Travel with me and we’ll spread a little lovin’!  Let’s get fit, let’s get spirated, on my Fitspirational blog!




Author: SpeidiShow

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