Speidi Carry Wounded Godfrey Back to the Bedroom S1 Ep4 Recap

This week Spencer and Heidi converse with fans about the fans’ troubled romances through the optics of the HeartHandymanTM approach: “A healthy heart over a healthy stomach in a rockin’ body topped by a wise mind.”


The Old “&I thought it was u” Game
@SarahAnneJoulie confesses to Speidi: “My bf cheated w/ my bff & actually said “I was drunk, it was dark &I thought it was u ” #speidishow #seriously” and Heidi counsels: “Tuff 1. U might try changing smthng to make you more recognizable in the dark, i.e. head shaving” Practical, and stylish!


Superfan Evalynn vs. Evil Emil
Twitter Speidi superfan @EvalynnKanyo chimes in  “Met new man at Turf Club watching Ep3. Weddings are so romantic, He wants to watch Ep4 together. sigh.” She sure doesn’t need any Speidi advice this week! Until her stalker ex-bf @EmilCrispinn starts to harsh her SpeidiShow buzz by dissing both her and the show! Now he’s crossed the line! Spencer defends Evalynn: “Yes @EvalynnKanyo tell @EmilCrispinn w all our Tweeps watching, maybe he should man up & Tweet off. Oh wait, I just did.”


Sharing An Account May Be Too Close!
@@mikensara4ever pipe up to demonstrate their closeness, then proceed to spat it out in public. One of them — and it’s not clear which one — says: “I don’t do web yoga but my partner does. Does being there from the next room count? #speidishow” to which . . . um . . . the other one replies: “Looking at me doing yoga is not doing yoga. Watching you drink beer is not drinking beer. #busted #speidishow “


We recap a week’s worth of caring advice from the diagrammatic duo to love-bothered fans.

Then, in a don’t-miss live segment . . .

Recentlyweds Cynthia and Godfrey can’t see eye to eye about household finances. They have stopped talking altogether for over a week. Now the desperate lovebirds have come to Speidi for last-ditch relationship tips, live, before your very eyes.

Spencer’s crazy about the HeartHandymanTM system of luv-management. But will his tools mend Cyn and Godfrey’s broken ideals and bring them to the bargaining bed?

Godfrey locks himself in a backstage bathroom. Spencer advises a tearful Cynthia while Heidi sits on the floor and talks quietly with Godfrey under the bathroom door. Fans tweet their advice and disapproval. Godfrey bolts out a window and is chased and tackled by a production assistant from the show. Speidi carry a woozy, scraped-up Godfrey back to the candle-filled studio bedroom where they convince them to reconcile. Cynthia and Godfrey, covered with tears blood and remorse, embrace intimately before the world.



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